Monday, 25 June 2012

They Finished 5th: ENGLAND

They were dubbed the weakest England squad since 1992 by, er... me, and yet that did them a disservice. Our XXIII made the most of their skills and abilities only to be exposed by an average but noticeably more skillful Italian team (hence the Roman numerals earlier in this sentence).

The fact remains, as it has always remained since the remains of dinosaurs were discovered in er... Remania that English players are not comfortable on the ball. English players cannot pass the ball as accurately or incisively as players from other nations. And English players cannot win penalty shoot outs.

Plus Points: We have a keeper for the next fifteen years in JOE HART, who could and should eclipse Shilton's appearance record. JOHN TERRY was epic, justifying his inclusion ahead of Rio. The number of times he blocked shots numbered more than the fingers on my hands, and there was that scoop against the Ukrainians that'll be talked about for decades in er... Kiev. GLEN JOHNSON is a skillful player, one of our best at taking people on. STEVEN GERRARD was the assistmeister general, delivering balls with pinpoint accuracy for the recipient to convert into goals. And finally CROYDON BOY ROY, the kind of manager players want to play for and who got more out of the squad than I and many others thought possible.

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