Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Euro Moments No. 4: Lineker Subbed v Sweden, 1992

It was the last game our great striker played for us. We needed to win it to progress. Now, nothing against Alan Smith, but he's not more likely to find the net than Gary Lineker, hero of 1990 and all that.

So what Graham Taylor was playing at hauling off Lineker and bringing on Smith remains one of the most baffling substitutions ever made by an England manager. It might have been more forgivable had he brought on a young Shearer who was warming the bench, but maybe Taylor was saving Lineker and Shearer for later in the competition.

Only there wasn't a later in the competition for England. The players watched the rest of the tournament (which culminated in a Danish win) on the telly like I did.

Probably drowning their sorrows with a few beers, like I....

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