Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Euro 2012 Semi-Finals. Predicted vs Actual

Way back when (it was June 6th) I predicted that the semi-finalists would be thus, thither, whatever:


Now, I got it wrong, in that I thought the winners of the first quarter final would play the winners of the second when, in fact it was first versus third and second versus fourth. Schoolboy error, slapped wrist, get to bed without supper etc.

Anyway, the fact remains I got fifty per cent of the semi-finalists right. The other fifty per cent didn't even make it out of the group stage, but here's a fine-haired sable brush, let's gloss over it.

And, OK, anyone with an elementary understanding of the machinations of European football could have predicted that Germany and Spain would get this far. Maybe some would have plumped for the Italians too and a couple the Portuguese.

But this is my blog, and I say 'well done, me' and I hope it's a SPAIN v GERMANY final, but I have a suspicion one of them may fall at the last, and it might well be... SPAIN.

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