Saturday, 23 June 2012

QUARTER FINAL: Spain 2-0 France

I'm no footballing tactical genius, but France were looking like they were getting back into this in the second half. And then the manager Blanc goes and makes two substitutions, ruining the momentum his team was building, and almost ensuring they drew a blanc in this game.

With France looking on top, surely he should have left things as they were for a little longer, to see if their dominance translated into goals. Yes, the substitutions he made were attacking, but the eleven he had on were looking good together, and looking like scoring. After the changes, it looked like Spain all the way, and so it proved.

Enough has been written about the quality of the Spanish, and that they have an embarrassment of talent. They even started this one without a recognised forward on the pitch, and yet strolled into the semis, as I predicted they would, I might add. Actually, I have added that as you can see.

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