Thursday, 14 June 2012

Italy 1-1 Croatia

While both teams showed an equal amount of flair, the Croatian fans showed way more flare than their Italian counterparts (who again should be ashamed by the number of empty seats in their 'end').
At least four flares landed on the pitch during the game, one so smoky it left the pitch resembling a gentlemen's club in the seventies.
The match was held up for a couple of minutes while the players and ref passively imbibed. Look out for the lawsuits in thirty years' time.
As you might know, I'm a big fan of Croatian chances in this tournament, and this has done nothing to dim my enthusiasm.
The Italians dominated the first half, the Croats strangely lacklustre. But in the second, you could tell Bilic had tucked into them at half time, and they came out and looked the better side.
I hate the saying ' a draw was a fair result'.
But, a draw was a fair result.

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