Tuesday, 19 June 2012

GROUP C FINALE: Spain 1-0 Croatia; Italy 2-0 Rep.Ireland

My predictions are now looking as accurate as something that's very inaccurate indeed.
Croatia in the final, you say? Not so.
They're gone. Along with them ten pounds of my hard-earned, wagered each-way on them. They held Spain for most of last night's game, and were only a goal away from qualification, but if truth be told (and, by Jove, it will) never looked as good or likely to win. Thanks Jove. And in the other game of which I only saw the goals, the Italians dispatched the Irish.
HOW THEY FINISHED: 1: SPAIN  2: ITALY  3: Croatia  4: Rep.Ireland.
Looking at that, surely most people would have predicted that's how this group would have ended. Surely I could have predicted that, not this rubbish.

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