Saturday, 26 May 2012

Group C Preview

The holders, favourites, housewife's choice loiter in this group, group C for Championes or anything else clever that begins with C.
Spain, World Cup Champions, European Champions, Eurovision Song Contest champions probably (for all I know). They'll have to be favourites to win this, even without David Villa (and even with Torres, or is that too cheeky?).
Now, I predicted Italy would be runners-up in World Cup 2010, and of course, they weren't. Far from it. They were shit, and I have little confidence this time around.
What about ROI? (which will mean return on investment to some of you). Everyone likes Ireland, even those, like me, who've never been. Should have been at the last World Cup but for Henry, etc. Got an Italian manager now and vocal support.
And how's about Croatia? I like the look of this lot on paper, so if they could ship out all the grass and replace it with foolscap, this lot could go far.

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