Friday, 25 May 2012

Group B Preview

As mentioned in a previous post, every championship has its group of death. AND THIS IS IT. The B in this group stands for Brutal, Barbaric or Bollocks if your nation is one of the four. Who will emerge from it? Your guess is better than mine.
The Danes are probably the outsiders, unless you're Danish, but someone must have said that in '92 and look what happened then.
It'd be a surprise if the World Cup finalists Holland didn't beat both Denmark and Portugal and progress.
Germany? Ah, dear, dear Germany. If any nation deserves a bye to the knock out stage it's the Germans. They always get there, by hook or by crooked linesmen who can't tell when a ball's clearly gone over the line (bitter?) and I suspect they would still qualify if they fielded a team of 15 year olds.
And finally Portugal, not the side they were a decade ago (although they have kept the same name).

PREDICTED GROUP TABLE: 1: GERMANY  2: HOLLAND  3: Denmark  4: Portugal

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