Thursday, 31 May 2012

Euro 2012 Headline Pun Bingo

I tried something similar to this during the 2010 World Cup with some success (actually hardly any) but that hasn't stopped it coming back in a new guise.

But instead of homing in on commentators' cliches, this time I'm going to try and predict some of the newspaper headlines we might see in the English/British press during the tournament.

I'll be adding to them and ticking them off, if or when I see them (or something similar) or anyone draws my attention to them. And I might even run a little Best Headline Of The Tournament if I can be arsed.

It Never Ukraines When It Pours.

Spain's Ukreign Is Over

On Me Hodgson

Eastern Promise

There's No Balotelling Him

England's Coming Home

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