Wednesday, 4 July 2012

They Finished 1st: SPAIN

See, I told you they'd do it, didn't I?
I never had any doubt that they'd become the first nation ever to win three international tournaments on the spin.
Those of you who've been paying attention over the last month will know there's absolutely no evidence of me backing Spain in this blog.
I doubted. Sans Silva and Puyol I thought they'd struggle.
And at times they did, but in the final they shone like something very shiny indeed - like a perfect set of dentures catching a floodlight, perhaps.
Xavi and Iniesta always get the plaudits, whatever they are, and they are the driving force behind the success of Spain's best ever generation of footballers. Worryingly for everyone else, most of this squad has a couple of tournaments left in it.
Spain will win World Cup 2014. There, said it.

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