Friday, 13 July 2012

That Was Euro 2012 That Was

The golden ticker tape has had time to settle, and eastern Europe can begin to look west for their summer sporting entertainment.
Euro 2012 will go down as one of the most entertaining tournaments in recent memory. Although things tightened up in the knockout stage, we weren't served up the dross that so clouded World Cup 2010.
There were no major refereeing blunders, though again a ball that was clearly over the line wasn't clearly enough over the line for a linesman's liking, but this time England benefited. Ukraine, somebody somewhere owes you a tournament goal.
The fans packed out the stadia, the only disappointments were the Italians whose games were not well attended.
And the Spanish returned home with the silverware for the third tournament in a row. Cue the Dynasty theme tune those of you who can remember it.
And so this blog will disappear into the ether, never to be updated again. If you're straying here sometime after 2050 for a bit of nostalgia, hello, I'm Jon Lymon and I'm probably dead.
If you're here before 2050, hello, I'm still Jon Lymon, but this is goodbye. Look out for the Armchair Olympic blog if you can be arsed and any of my wonderful other writings like the novels The Money Star and Last Night At The Stairways. If they sound awful, well, Armchair World Cup 2014 is only 700 odd days away from kicking off.
Until then...

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