Sunday, 1 July 2012

Euro 2012 Final: Half Time: Spain 2-0 Italy

Is this a final?
It's being played more like a third place match.
You don't get attacking like this in games that mean so much. They're normally cagey affairs, defensive dirges, midfield miseries.
This could be rewriting the rule book for finals, the greatest performance by a nation in a major final. Spain have been majestic, and even the Italians haven't sat back. Now they can't afford to, or they risk being embarrassed on the biggest stage.
Fabregas was awesome for Silva's goal. A string of short passes, an incisive through ball from Iniesta. I expected Fabregas to cross first, but he took another touch that took the Italians (and me) by surprise, before cutting it back onto Silva's head. The second, Alba's, was finished like a centre forward, and he's a left back, for heaven's sake.
If the Italians don't score early in the second, expect three, maybe four, and the Spanish to throw their hat in the ring to be considered the greatest international team ever.

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